The Women’s Wellness Research Program is a series of studies conducted by leading world class researchers. It’s aim is to identify the patterns and clusters of chronic disease risk factors and translate new knowledge into novel evidence-based health promotion strategies to reduce disease risk and maximize wellness in women across a variety of settings, populations and disease groups. We use emerging health care delivery models to increase access, quality and efficiency of the interventions for women who might not otherwise have access to such services.

“Population ageing and transformations in the social determinants of health have increased the coexistence of disease burdens related to reproductive health, nutrition, and infections, and the emerging epidemic of chronic and non-communicable diseases (NCDs)…This expanded vision incorporates health challenges that affect women beyond their reproductive years and those that they share with men, but with manifestations and results that affect women disproportionally owing to biological, gender, and other social determinants.”
Langer A, Meleis A, Knaul FM, et al. Women and Health: the key for sustainable development. Lancet 2015; 386: 1165.

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